Jennifer (errantly) wrote in the_wicked_kids,

Stamped Promotion


Hey everyone, I'm a promoting whore. There was nothing said about doing this in the user info, but if it's an issue I'll delete it. :)

marchland started out as a typical face-rating comm. Now it's grown into a community that rates your face and a few unique questions. The community is also kept elite and active: every time we get above 30-35 members, we have vote offs: the members fill out a poll or email a mod with which community members aren't bleeding with beauty in their eyes: ones that, in their opinion, should not have been accepted into the community. That way, only the elite and the active are kept inside!
I'm the maintainer for marchland, and I love the way it stands as of now. We have a few bitches, some really sweet ones, and of course the few guys that post like crazy. ;) It's well-kept, honest, and fun. We're also looking for moderators, so keep that in mind. :)
Feel free to come on by and check us out.


(Mods: I'll be whoring this community in marchland as well)
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