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the_wicked_kids's Journal

Here for you and them
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:x: TWK is an elite livejournal community where people share experiences, their thoughts, and their opinions on just about everything. Our members are free to be themselves - and that's exactly who we look for. Our owners/moderators/members don't believe we're gods - we're elite, not delusional (except for our CEO.. but she's beneficial. Really.) We, as a community, pride ourselves on our individuality - we don't believe we're cardboard cutouts of anyone, and strive to accept people who believe the same. Unfortunately, those who we view to be "common" are rejected, and quickly put in their place. Good riddance, and all that.

This community is moderated

want to join?

TWK is accepting new members. To be accepted, you must follow the guidelines (sounds better than "rules", right?) and submit the application below:

Guidelines for the Community, and the Application Process.
a. You have a period of 24 hours after joining to submit your application. If you do not, you will be removed.
b. Answer all questions thoroughly. One word/sentence answers are accepted, but most likely will be mocked and will gain you an adamant no. Explain why you feel a way - how can we get to know you via an "I dunno"??
c. The only question that is optional is the last - the picture. We know that this strikes fear in the hearts of some, so we opted for a "what the hell, let's be original!" approach. If you do submit one, rest easy knowing that your application is not based on your looks. We don't give a flying fuck what you look like :) Do not post violent or nude pictures. We just don't want to see that.
d. Until you recieve your stamp, you may NOT make a post to our community. This is an easy way to get yourself banned.
e. The lj-cut is your friend. New to lj and have NO idea how to use it? Go here. Presto. There's no excuse now. :)
2. Rudeness to fellow members is prohibited. Layman terms: for GODS sake, be nice! We're here to enjoy TWK - not grumble over the latest LJ drama. Don't start bs, or you'll be thrown out. Simple.

Those are basically the only guidelines/rules to follow before you become stamped. Once you submit your application, you will recieve comments telling you whether or not you're wanted in the community. Some members will be simple, others will give you reasons and/or suggestions. The application process lasts a period of 48 hours, and after that time you will be stamped: accepted or denied. If you are denied, please remove yourself from our community. Accepted members have one week to post their first entry, and after that they are expected to vote on new applications.

3. No nudity. If you want to post pictures of yourself frolicking about at a nudist camp, go some where else.
4. You can post your poems, jokes (none offensive to other members), pictures of you getting Keanu Reeves autograph, whatever, but don't over do it.
5. Pictures must be lj-cut.
6. There's no 6th rule because 5 is enough.

[The above is subject to revisions, as per the owner/moderator's needs.]

Copy and paste the following:


The Wicked Kids Member Application

1. Your name:
2. Age:
3. Marital Status:
4. Name 5 things that you'd like to change/see change in this world:
5. Name 5 of your favorite bands:
6. What are your thoughts on religion?
7. What are your thoughts about abortion?
8. What are your thoughts on the "perfect" human image society has portrayed throughout the years?
9. Who is the person you most admire?
10. Why do you want to join this community?
11. Anything else you'd like to say?

OPTIONAL: Remember to post a non-violent/nude picture.


Community Owners: irishblessing and parasitegoddess
Community Moderator(s): ladamaborracho

Numbers and Symbols: 0desperado0, __ambrosia aka chamberoffayth, __apathetic aka counterfitpunk, __operationx, _poseur, _rockstar_
A: allinator, allumeuse, ambulance_x_, anatomyoffire, anyone_else aka _delz_, arcane_seraph aka ladamaborracho, aylajade
B: b0ndage_, bronxbomber, bryagh
D: davarro, demonfresh, doowop
G: girlsetsfire_, glitteringtears
H: hang_likea_star, hastetheday, hurricanejoon
I: ieatwithsporks, imyurstrawberry, in_lego_land, infamy489
J: jaded_vista, jessa261
K: kandymonkey, kawaiixkat, kellyxkinkaid
L: ladyzelite, littlefeardemon, luv2hateu
M: melbunni, mintconfusion, mozz, ms_brass
O: one1337cookie
P: pickingdaisies, pirateingrnfog, pissfactory, plaidblocks, platinumjupiter, powerpuffpunk, pyropony
R: rahskala, rejectedbarbie
S: sassamafrassa, shaden, shpadoinkleceri, skyeblulove, sleepy_kitsune, soularized, spunkylilsprite, starlightfading, sweet_delirium
T: tenchichan, thedisturbed, tower015, trashy4silence
V: vanilladrizzle, vedri, velvet_rainfall
W: wildflower88
X: x10afterxloserx, xopiateslavex



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