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_+ Peekaboo

1. Your name: Heather

2. Age: 17

3. Marital Status: I've been dating my best friend Maddy for about 10 months now. She's my everything. We've been best friends for nearly 9 years.

4. Name 5 things that you'd like to change/see change in this world:
1) That homphobia is defeated and homosexuality is accepted globally.
2) People wouldn't be cruel to animals.
3) Stricter laws regarding rape (do you know that marital rape is barely considered a crime?).
4) People's views on normaily in society. Just because someone is different does not make them a freak (and Michael Jackson is a good canidate for that).
5) The first female president (and this does not make me a feminist or a man hater :D)

5. Name 5 of your favorite bands:
1) Tristania.
2) Nightwish.
3) Cradle of Filth.
4) David Bowie.
5) Stratovarius.

6. What are your thoughts on religion? Religion is a personal thing to each and every single person. If you wish to know my relgion, then feel free and ask me :D. I only talk about it if someone asks me a question or is willing to discus religion with me. I do not wish to offend anyone, so I tend to keep it to myself.

7. What are your thoughts about abortion? Abortion is something I don't see myself ever having as an option, but that is just a personal choice. I believe that it should be Pro-choice because who's to say?

8. What are your thoughts on the "perfect" human image society has portrayed throughout the years? My media class has really broken down the "perfect" human image, and we now can look at a Gucci model and analyze and break it down. Unfortunely, there's a whole world out there who will strive to be like her or be like him or try to fit in, without ever realizing the reason why.

9. Who is the person you most admire? I most admire my media teacher for helping me see past the image.

10. Why do you want to join this community? It seems very interesting and quite different than the other communities out there.

11. Anything else you'd like to say? Um, not really! Thank you.
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