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The Wicked Kids Member Application

1. Your name: Charity

2. Age: 18(Oct. 7, 1985)

3. Marital Status: Boyfriend *counts on fingers* 9 months

4. Name 5 things that you'd like to change/see change in this world:
(1.)Racism, I never thought it was a big deal until I got an asian boyfriend(I'm american), most of my family has told me that they disapprove and I never knew they were racist. I don't understand why people can't look beyond race, a common thing that people want to change but it's the first thing that came to mind.
(2.)War, try being civil.
(3.)Work and money, two things that people need, two things that are hardest to get when denied because of the people that already have that much.(not saying everyone, but I'm sure you understand)
(4.)Education, a lot of people/kids would disagree with me but I think it would be better for kids to attend school year round, have vacation on holidays(days like that), and maybe they could shorten how many years that are required. Every student getting equal attention would also be a plus.
(5.)Medical insurance, right now my mother is suffering from "a side pain", so she calls it, I can't remember what the name of what she has is but I know that she is going to have to have surgery but right now we have no insurance so we can't afford it. She refuses to go to the doctor and most days can barely walk. It hurts to see her like that and she is still young. I know that many people have the same problem.

5. Name 5 of your favorite bands:
(1.)A Perfect Circle
(2.)Porno Graffitti
(5.)Boa(not the j/k-pop girl)

6. What are your thoughts on religion?
It's hard for me to say. I believe in god, but I don't know if I believe in anything else. Religion is a touchy subject for me, I rarely talk about it. For many years I said I was an athiest, but now I want to believe because I need something to believe in. I'm hoping to look into different religions and educate myself. I think I used to be afraid to believe.

7. What are your thoughts about abortion?
Pro-choice, although I don't approve of it I think it should be your own decision, freedom of choice.

8. What are your thoughts on the "perfect" human image society has portrayed throughout the years?
There is no "perfect" human image, there never will be. Everyone has flaws, everyone is different, there is no way of perfection. Watching television or reading magazines you see this so called "perfection" that is not possible to achieve. Hopefully I answered this question appropriately.

9. Who is the person you most admire?
My mother, shes been through more than I could ever imagine and given up everything for my brothers and I.

10. Why do you want to join this community?
Because it seems like it may be fun, I found it from a button in irishblessing's userinfo and I know that she is cool so this place must be too.

11. Anything else you'd like to say?
eh, I like the layout :)

If I'm accepted I'll post a picture later on, I can't find it right now.

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